It All Started With A Bass

I found out about CMC through my roommate and Best Semester when they visited my campus. I wanted to come here to get my foot in the door, meet people in the industry, and, most importantly, connect with musicians and write. My plan was to continue school after this semester (I have two years left), but this program and Nashville have impacted me so much that I don’t want to leave.

Things can happen so quickly around here. After the show last week, an alum came up to me and said I can really rock it on the bass then asked if I would ever want to tour as a bassist. Long story short, I bought a bass and I’m ready to be whisked away by the next band that needs a low-end boost. Being at CMC has taught me how to be flexible and prepared for whatever is thrown at me. I have absolutely no idea what is coming next in my life, but I will make sure it involves music.

– Morg

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