Never Bored

My time at CMC has honestly been like no other, and I’ve been given opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. As an artist, and member of the artist track, my focus is solely to write, record, and perform. Myself and the other artists have worked extensively with our songwriting coach, Rick Elias, producer and arranger, Luke DeJaynes, and Nashville top liner, Thomas Daniel, to put forth our best songs, arrangements, and performances. Along with working with the faculty, I’ve co-written and played with many of the other artists, recorded with students in the audio tech track, and have worked to further my career in music with my manager, Allison Lahrman, who is a student of the business track.

While here in Nashville, not a day has been boring. Aside from our usual activities, we’ve heard many guest speakers that work in the industry, and have participated in several events hosted at CMC such as music video shoots, live streams, and concerts. Students in the tech track were assigned to artists to record and mix master tracks, from which I’ve began to build an EP to release under my new brand that Allison has helped me refine. A whole day was dedicated to individual photo shoots for the artist track, and now all the artists have professional photos to build our image. I’ve also learned as a producer in addition to my own artistry, such as double tracking guitars, mic choices, and other techniques.

I’ve decided that after this semester I will move to Nashville. My plan is to get a job as I continue to build and expand on my brand, play gigs, and pursue my artistry. CMC has given me contacts within the city and people I can reach out to for advice and companionship. Several other classmates are also moving to Nashville following the semester, and we all plan to continue to collaborate. The semester has definitely changed my life and will continue to affect me after my time here at the Contemporary Music Center.

– John Louis

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