Is This Real Life

Since Day One, CMC has been more than I could have expected.  Lots of previous students from my home school had attempted to describe what the program would be like, but now I understand that it is almost impossible to do so.  The program is  something that has to be experienced. From visits to Nashville recording studios, the Grammy offices, to Scotty McCreery Rehearsal, we have had experiences that cannot be obtained anywhere else.  The biggest takeaway for me has been, that beyond the talent and importance of those we have met, they’ve proven to be some of the most kind and humble people.  Another thing that I could not have expected, was the people I would meet here.  Semester 30 has some of the most talented, cool, and professional students to come alongside as musicians.  This has made Thursday night shows (as stressful as they can get) so much more fun.  We are making memories and friendships that will last long after April 15th. As the semester continues on, I look forward to all the more the CMC has to offer.  

Written by : Evan Eliason, Tech Track

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