What An Experience

I didn’t know what to expect going into my semester at the CMC. Right away I was encouraged by the quality of the staff. They are kind, knowledgeable, and genuinely care for each student. I come into class each day expecting to learn or discuss something interesting that I care about.

I am very thankful for the time I have had here. I have been able to work with other people who love music, and are trying to see where they fit in the industry. I have made friends, gained technical skills, and have been able to create and perform new music. I plan on putting out an EP this summer, and that would not have happened without the CMC.

I have had a lot of awesome memories here. The people are crazy! I love it. My manager wears a shark suit every day. One of my roommates has made a weekly Vlog where we get to relax and show our comedic sides. I have had many late nights with friends making the best possible demos of our songs for the week. All in all, there is never a dull moment.

This semester has been interesting for my faith. I have met a lot of people from all different backgrounds who experience God in different ways. I am from the East Coast, so I am not used to the southern church culture here in Tennessee. I love that the CMC is centered on being relevant to culture, while keeping God at the center. We have had a lot of tough discussions about faith. One of my favorite parts of the week is Monday morning. We discuss a movie that we all watch the night before. One thing that I have noticed is that each person here is hurting, and longing for something more. It is so easy for us to put that desire into something else other than God. I believe that we are longing for God.

I have one more year at school. I am definitely going to use the experiences I have had at the CMC to play more live shows, and get involved in the industry around my campus. I am also looking forward to reflecting on the semester, and seeing where God is leading. It has been a tough semester, but oh, it was worth it.

– Hank Bunting

Photography: Ashley Mae Wright

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