The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened

My name is Faith Benson, I’m a 22 year old from Wisconsin, and I’m a part of the artist track here at CMC. Moving to Nashville, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was so nervous about all of the incredibly talented people I was going to meet, and was just really hopeful that they would like me. Thankfully, my roommates and I started a group chat as soon as we found out we were living together, and it took no time at all to realize that we are all practically the same person and were going to get along perfectly. I got so lucky with the people I’m living with. They are some of the sweetest, sassiest girls I’ve ever met, and I don’t think it’s possible for a better combination of girls. To show you how strange we are (and how perfectly we fit together), I’ve included a picture of our “Random Wall”, where we hang up literally anything and everything we can find (i.e. hubcap, street sign, alarm clock, dollar bills with Joe Jonas’ face on it, etc.).

Everyone in the program is so wonderful, including the staff. It’s amazing how close all of us have gotten after only knowing each other for a couple months. On top of great chemistry with one another, we are able to do music 24/7. Our classes are watching our friends perform, and writing music with one another, and putting on a show. How incredible is that? We are so lucky that we get to spend an entire semester doing nothing but what we love.

One of my favorite memories so far happened this past week. I FINALLY MADE IT ONTO ONE OF BRIAN’S VLOGS. (If you don’t know what they are, I have also included a link to the YouTube video that I am featured in. – Brian makes weekly vlogs showing all of our fun adventures here at the CMC (and all around Nashville), and it has been my goal since week one to be featured in one. My time has come. I have made it. I have never felt so accomplished. Now I can die happy. Okay, I know that sounds a little dramatic, but you have no idea how happy it makes me to be in his vlog. I mean, the songwriting and recording is great too, don’t get me wrong, but the vlog is all that really matters 😉

All of that being said, The Contemporary Music Center is one of the best things that has happened to me, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t come here. The people I’ve met here and the experiences I’ve had (not to mention the opportunities that have come up) are things that I will never forget and have changed my life for the better.

– Faith Benson

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