Community House

I’ve had a couple of friends who have gone through the CMC experience in the past and gave me a heads up on what to expect. I was a little nervous with the feedback that it may or may not be all that I’ve been hoping for. The funny thing was, since day one, I knew this had to be a one of the best semesters I would ever experience. I WAS GOING TO LIVE IN NASHVILLE! The music capitol! Aside from all the hype, I knew this semester would only put out what I put into it.

Coming to CMC had everyone in a sea of excitement. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded with talented musicians, techs and savvy business minded people? But, with all this greatness surrounding you, one tends to feel intimidated. So, I gathered the girls in my apartment together on the first week of arriving and told them that we had be the apartment to host people. To welcome everyone in and make them feel welcomed, like family. We invited the students over for games, cookies and just a place to relax and feel apart of the community. My apartment agreed that we would not allow weeks to go by until we finally said hello to the people we would be so close to for the next four months. So we did exactly that! Hundreds Catch Phrase nights, dinner parties and music sharing became almost routine in apt. 408. I gained new friendships, a whole lot of laugher and memories I will never forget. It was very much an easier transition coming to the CMC once we opened our doors to everyone. The community felt tighter and more connected, and it was evident in our performances and how quickly we moved through the semester. It’s amazing what can happen with a little kindness and an open door. 

Written by : Desiree Zapata, Artist Track, Southeastern University

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