Alumni Spotlight, Featuring: Tom Bracciale

Thomas Bracciale / Semester 22 / Oral Robert University What is your current job?  Tell us a little about a typical day for you. I am a Project Manager/Staff Songwriter at The Songwriting Team here in Nashville. Basically, I partner with our clients to help them achieve their musical goals. Whether that’s helping with a topline, overseeing production, playing/singing on … Read More

Do you even go to class?

At eight o’clock every Sunday night, we gather upstairs wearing sweat pants and t-shirts. Each of us holds various snacks as couches get pulled from the lounge into the main room. While this doesn’t seem like a traditional class, we are actually required to be there because every Monday morning Warren lectures upon a movie the next morning. These movies … Read More


Our first week at CMC was full of tours and visits to some amazing offices, studios, and venues, but one stop stands out in my mind above the rest. On Wednesday, we visited two songwriters’ offices. That day, I fell in love with music all over again. One of the men was tattooed all the way up his neck and sang … Read More

What To Expect As A Tech At The CMC

When I first decided to come to the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville TN, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard that I would be recording, doing live sound, as well as other miscellaneous things, but I never would have guessed the variety of things that I was getting myself into. I quickly learned how much more … Read More

The Experience of Learning By Doing

Coming into this program, I did not know fully what to expect. I had heard of the Contemporary Music Center from a friend who would latter attend semester twenty-six of the program, the semester before this one that I am in now. He gave me an overview of what the program was, and looking at the website online I got … Read More

5 Signs You Are Winning at Audio Production

Perhaps you are one of those people who daydreams about becoming a famous music producer. As new and cheap technology consistently lowers the barrier to entry for budding audio technicians, many young people eager to stand out have flooded the music industry. If you find yourself in this category, it can sometimes be hard to judge your progress. Here are … Read More

Nashville is awesome. I have been here for little over a month now and I am having a blast. I have learned an overwhelming amount of information. One thing I have really enjoyed while being here is going out into the community. I love seeing local bands and checking out all of the venues. Being a person who wants to … Read More

CMC Homecoming 2014 Guest Speaker: Stephen Leiweke

Stephen Leiweke – Producer / Yackland – Recording Studio As the music industry reinvents itself around new financial, distribution and creative models the role of “Producer” is changing considerably. All but gone are the days of millionaire album crafters who work in ivory towers surrounded by minions and lavished with inordinate cash and praise. Today’s successful producers recognize great songs … Read More

Choose a track…and then use them all.

As you know, at The CMC there are three tracks: business, artist, and tech. However, the staff at The CMC encourage all of the students to “think outside their track” and become involved in developing themselves into a tool that can be used to help the music industry.With that in mind, business students begin to use their free time to … Read More

Inside the mind of Jordan DeFigio during her first week at the CMC.

I very recently made the (temporary) move to a small town in the south, in hopes of advancing toward a music career at some point in my life. I guess that’s what most aspiring musicians do in their attempt to find fame…pack their bags and move to Nashville. And for this semester, that’s what I’ve done. I’m spending it down … Read More