Spring 2014 Tour Logo Released!

Tour is coming up fast and things are beginning to fall into place. After much deliberation, the tour logo has finally been decided on! Drum roll please…… Semester 26 has decided to use a compass as our Spring 2014 tour logo! We are also excited to announce that we will be traveling north for tour this semester. For more information … Read More

Pre-Production, Pre-tour, Pre-Show Show

Tour prep is in full swing at CMC!  These past two weeks have been all about getting songs picked out and ready for performance at the colleges we will visit.  Yesterday we had a (very informal) concert to run down the tentative show order to see what works and what doesn’t.          

Video Tour of CMC

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5bNRp_1B78&feature=youtu.be   By Nick Mercer, Artist Track, Biola University

Tour Reflections

By Darris Sneed, Artist Track The past week has been truly amazing!! We have gotten a chance to stop at some major Christian colleges such as Messiah College, Geneva University, Kentucky Christian, Malone University and my home Cedarville University! For me each event has been a huge success. I never really knew how much went into putting on a production … Read More

Thoughts on Tour

By David Evans, Artist Track So we are traveling to our last stop on tour before Nashville. It has been an amazing week full of great music and great times with friends. This program has changed my life. Being in Nashville and playing music has been a dream of mine since high school. It’s great to look back and see … Read More

CMC Spring ’13 Tour Pre-Production Day 1

Hey Friends! This is Greg Burgess, one of the artists from The Contemporary Music Center located in Nashville, TN and we are about to go on our semi-annual tour! In addition to our Twitter and Facebook status updates of the CMCSpringTour ’13, I will be uploading iPhone Vlog’s to our YouTube page while on the road! This year’s tour is … Read More

Tour Merch

by Rachel Bond, Business Track As one of two merch and design managers for the CMC Live Tour I’m learning a great deal about branding and appearance for tour. And believe me, it’s not just making things look pretty, but there are plenty of runs to Lowes for PVC pipe, spray painting in the grass, and wrapping cables involved. The … Read More