Alumni Spotlight: Karsten Winegeart

Since attending the CMC in Spring of 2014, Karsten Winegeart has been living in OKC doing photo and video (concerts, music videos, lookbooks and clothing lines, mini docs, etc.) He has worked with Grammy-winning artist Lecrae and Andy Mineo. Check out these music videos he shot and directed: For more info on Karsten, check out: Website: IG/Twitter: @karsten116

Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Budd

Check out this new music video from Semester 24’s Jennifer Budd (Redeemer University in Hamilton, ON, CA)! If you like what you hear, head over to these links: Facebook: Website: Twitter: iTunes: YouTube:

Alumni Spotlight, Featuring: Tom Bracciale

Thomas Bracciale / Semester 22 / Oral Robert University What is your current job?  Tell us a little about a typical day for you. I am a Project Manager/Staff Songwriter at The Songwriting Team here in Nashville. Basically, I partner with our clients to help them achieve their musical goals. Whether that’s helping with a topline, overseeing production, playing/singing on … Read More

Alumni Spotlight, Featuring: Erin Aubrey Batkiewicz

Erin Aubrey Batkiewicz / Semester 17/ Milligan College What is your current job description? Hi!  My name is Erin and I am a board certified Music Therapist. Music has been used in virtually every culture, in every time period, and in every region of the world.  What if we could take something as common, accessible, and enjoyable as music and … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Wright

by Ashley Wright, Semester 20 I moved back to Nashville to hop on the music train, and photography caught up pretty swiftly.  Around CMC, I was always taking photos and documenting everything from live shows to apartment life.  A chief reason I like to keep my photography and videography in the music realm is because music is my first love. As I was … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Christian Williams

  CMC Semester 18 Alum, Christian Williams, recently moved to Houston, TX for a great new job in the music industry! She was kind enough to let us know what she’s been up to. Continued best wishes, Christian!   *** by Christian Williams, Semester 18   I have joined NGEN Radio as their National Promotions Manger. NGEN Radio is playing the … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Steve Harpine

by Steve Harpine, Semester 19 Moving to Nashville after graduation was a risk I was willing to take. I spent 22 years of my life in Pennsylvania, and after a 14 hour drive in a car packed with mostly drums, I was excited to see how I could help make a difference in the music industry. My first job was … Read More