We cannot be beaten by Satan

Here at the CMC we get the opportunity to watch a movie on Sunday nights for review and discussion the next day in class. Well this past Sunday’s movie was “Almost Famous”, a classic to many of the students here. As we journeyed through the course of the movie we experienced many different emotions; both happy and sad, and back … Read More

It Ain’t the Usual Business

This summer all I could think about was all about the awesome study books I was going to read to learn about the music industry and the business aspect of it. Also of course all the shows I was going to see by the artist track people (and secretly hoping they wouldn’t suck). Little did I know that wasn’t actually … Read More

The First Three Weeks at the CMC

…have been, in a word, eventful.  As soon as we arrived we hit the ground running. Within the first week we were, touring state of the art studios, meeting Grammy winning engineers (Google “Vance Powell”,) Grammy winning artists and conversing with other prominent industry individuals. Needless to say, we were welcomed to Nashville with open arms of inspiration and motivation, … Read More