Never Bored

My time at CMC has honestly been like no other, and I’ve been given opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. As an artist, and member of the artist track, my focus is solely to write, record, and perform. Myself and the other artists have worked extensively with our songwriting coach, Rick Elias, producer and arranger, Luke DeJaynes, and Nashville … Read More

The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened

My name is Faith Benson, I’m a 22 year old from Wisconsin, and I’m a part of the artist track here at CMC. Moving to Nashville, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was so nervous about all of the incredibly talented people I was going to meet, and was just really hopeful that they would like me. Thankfully, … Read More

It All Started With A Bass

I found out about CMC through my roommate and Best Semester when they visited my campus. I wanted to come here to get my foot in the door, meet people in the industry, and, most importantly, connect with musicians and write. My plan was to continue school after this semester (I have two years left), but this program and Nashville … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Karsten Winegeart

Since attending the CMC in Spring of 2014, Karsten Winegeart has been living in OKC doing photo and video (concerts, music videos, lookbooks and clothing lines, mini docs, etc.) He has worked with Grammy-winning artist Lecrae and Andy Mineo. Check out these music videos he shot and directed: For more info on Karsten, check out: Website: IG/Twitter: @karsten116

Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Budd

Check out this new music video from Semester 24’s Jennifer Budd (Redeemer University in Hamilton, ON, CA)! If you like what you hear, head over to these links: Facebook: Website: Twitter: iTunes: YouTube:

Is This Real Life

Since Day One, CMC has been more than I could have expected.  Lots of previous students from my home school had attempted to describe what the program would be like, but now I understand that it is almost impossible to do so.  The program is  something that has to be experienced. From visits to Nashville recording studios, the Grammy offices, … Read More

Community House

I’ve had a couple of friends who have gone through the CMC experience in the past and gave me a heads up on what to expect. I was a little nervous with the feedback that it may or may not be all that I’ve been hoping for. The funny thing was, since day one, I knew this had to be … Read More