I was nine when I first saw the Nashville Skyline. I hadn’t grown up in music, my dream wasn’t to write or sing, but I knew I never wanted to live anywhere else in the world. Fast forward, I ended up becoming a music business major at a small school in Kentucky, only because the dean told me about an optional last semester in Nashville. I closed my college search with sights already set on the Contemporary Music Center.

My first week at CMC I was completely terrified and overtaken with anxiety. This city that I had dreamed of living in since I was a kid was caving in on me. All of my abilities seemed completely subpar, any self-doubt I had was amplified, and I was convinced I wasn’t made for Nashville. But before I could give up, CMC provided an influx of guests that told their stories of waiting tables and backyard studios assuring me that I could do this, I made friends that I know I’ll have forever, and I love music more than I thought possible.

I’ve not written a single paper, but I’ve written a new song every week. I’ve not taken an exam, but I can wrap a cable in my sleep. I’ve not given a single presentation on a meaningless topic, but I’ve been on stage almost every week. I’ve not been stuck in one group project, but I’ve played in bands and worked in a team in rehearsal rooms, the writing room, and in the studio. As sad as it is to say, I’ve learned more this semester than I did the rest of my college career.

The semester is over halfway through, and I’m planning on immediately moving to Nashville and rooming with an awesome friend from CMC. The program has given me people I can reach for advice and guidance as I’m trying to have a career in music and my time here has helped me grow in my music, in my faith, and as a person. I’ve never been more sure that I never want to stop singing and writing, and I’ve never felt this at home anywhere. The best part might still be that It’s just a short drive for the best view of the Nashville skyline.

– Alexandra Roberts

Photography: Ashley Mae Wright

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  1. great job Alex!!! I love you so much and I’m very proud of you I know your Pa would be!!! keep chasing your dreams sweetheart I know you can do it!!!

  2. Very proud of you and your determination! So glad you have found a place you can now call your new home. You hang in there, it may not be easy at times, but this Clay County girl will succeed!!

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