Artist Track

Songs are the raw material of the music industry. Write original songs, develop song arrangements along with writing song charts, record a stripped-down demo of the song, produce and record at least two “Master Tracks”, perform in the weekly CMC Live show, and work with a “Manager” from the Business Elective.

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Business Track

If songs are the “raw material” of the music industry, then there is a “manufacturing process” that originates with the inspiration of a song and ends with the listening experience of your fellow citizens. That process, from idea of heart to transcendent experience for all, is at the core of the Music Business Elective.

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Technical Track

Every great song, recording, performance, website, video and photo requires a person with the technical skills to realize that artists’ vision. The Technical Elective provides students with the opportunity to work on high-end, professional gear in real-world settings. Nothing beats doing it for real!

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This is CMC.

We are home to 30 college students each semester who write, record, perform and tour in community.

College students from around the country come to Nashville for one semester of their undergraduate career to work on music 24/7 for 4 months. This community of 30 students has access to knowledgeable and committed faculty and guests, $1+ million in gear, a completely hands-on approach to learning, and the ability to test their mettle in one of the most intensely musical cities in the world. Students may participate in one of three tracks- Artist, Business or Technical- which prepare them for careers within the industry. The “Final Exam” consists of a weeklong, multi-state tour which is planned, performed and technically executed entirely by the students. Check out the following videos and songs to get a feel for a typical semester!

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